Ernest Popkiss – 5th January 1949–13th June 2018

Ernest (Ernie) founded Sub Micron in 1993, having identified the potential of offering Potting andEncapsulation services to other businesses. He started trading in Swindon then relocated to a larger premises the following year and since 1994, Sub Micron has been located in Stanford in the Vale.

While being a material scientist specialising in metallurgy,Ernie had a passion for both electronic and mechanical engineering.Additionally, having previously worked in the field of resin systems, he was in an ideal position to offer his technical expertise and problem-solving abilities to all of SubMicron’s customers.

The combination of these talents and abilities, allowed Ernie to enjoy an excellent rapport with all of his clients, and maintain an exceptionally long-lasting relationship between them and SubMicron that continues to this day.

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