How may we help you?


Sub Micron can provide a complete solution to your needs, from concept design through to delivery of turn-key products. Some examples of our work can be seen in the picture gallery.

Below is a list of our services; for more detailed information on the processes or if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us - we would be delighted to hear from you.


Sub Micron's encapsulation and moulding service is the ideal way to protect your product from many forms of damage and corrosion. The component can either be placed in a mould and an epoxy or urethane compound poured in, or be dipped into the compound itself. This process gives a neat and extremely tough result and can have the added bonus of disguising components or circuits where discretion is required.


Sub Micron's potting service is similar to encapsulation but the component is placed in some kind of vessel - quite often a plastic or metal box. This vessel is filled with an epoxy, urethane or silicon compound, giving excellent protection to the contents. Again, this process can disguise components if discretion is required. We currently pot a wide range of products for varying industry sectors.

Coil Impregnation

Sub Micron's Coil Impregnation service is the ideal solution for customers who require extra protection for any type of wire wound product: Transformers, Solenoids, Relays etc. We currently force-impregnate coils for a customer's product which has critical safety applications.

Mould Design

Sub Micron has successfully designed and made moulds for many of our customers. We can work from drawings of the components or the components themselves. Examples of our moulds can be seen in the picture gallery.


Much of our work involves some kind of assembly before potting or encapsulation. This can range from simple mechanical assembly through to PCB component population. Our experience and quality of work is well established and we can provide this service for you at competitive rates.